EMC VNX Simulator 7.1

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First download the simulator and unzip it.

You can install VNX Simulator 7.1 on either WMWare Workstation or ESXi.

You can also install onto VMWare player, but I was not able to get it working correctly, and gave up my attempt after a 2 days of troubleshooting.  If you read the documentation it mentions it will only run on VMware player or Workstation.  Using VMWare converter, you can easily install it onto ESXi importing it as VMWare version 4.  You can import using a newer version, but eth2 will not be enabled and you’ll have to do some editing to get it working.  I know just enough Linux to get it working, but I would rather not have to mess with the simulator.  I’m not even sure what version Linux it is based on, as I think it is DART.



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